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safe1725394 edit134081 edited screencap66138 screencap224306 garble1835 zephyr breeze2392 flutter brutter1127 sweet and smoky961 beatnik154 beret1979 caption21655 clothes466603 hat88235 headcanon2348 image macro37298 lgbt headcanon305 shirt25470 striped shirt98 text60400


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Background Pony #6410
honestly this is the second time i seen a upload with this image trying to get people to like theses two as either friends or a couple honestly think it the OP ship, and it annoying
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You guys realize you’re doing far more harm than good by looking at characters like and automatically assuming they must be gay because of how they act, right? It’s like retards who claim Aerith or the SMT 5 protagonist is trans.

Why don’t you go bully someone for not saying “gay rights” in a stream?
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