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forgot the glow on horn :c
safe1878573 artist:ponerino43 twilight sparkle322031 pony1224443 unicorn401526 chemicals75 clothes524671 colored21170 female1516343 food81060 levitation13522 magic81569 maid6595 maid headdress609 maidlight sparkle54 mare566198 meme86811 poison188 sad27112 silica gel2 solo1195099 tea3304 telekinesis31732 this will end in death2854 unicorn twilight22859


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Background Pony #0A9B
Twilight what happened to you who is the bastard who made my pony cry tell me now
Background Pony #0A9B
Twilight are you ok 😨 I feel bad hugs don’t worry sweetie I’ll help.
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Go fsck yourself
Twily is too smart to do this. Silica gel isn’t terribly poisonous, especially if you use it as tea. In fact, it’s actually used as a food additive in small amounts.
If she really wanted to end herself, she’d go with arsenic, cyanide, thallium, or maybe polonium (if she’s friends with Putin).
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Give Starlight a hug!
I’m interpreting this as maid Twilight having to poison her abusive “master” in order to be free, not that she’s going to poison herself.  
…right? ;_;
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