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safe1727937 edit134250 edited screencap66222 editor:quoterific2211 screencap224468 apple bloom50261 applejack171572 basil400 big daddy mccolt91 big macintosh28573 blueberry curls128 bracer britches21 bubblegum blossom128 discord31386 fluttershy214976 iron will1358 pinkie pie218251 rainbow dash236279 rarity183685 scootaloo51607 snow hope50 starlight glimmer49223 sweetie belle49407 toe-tapper234 torch song230 twilight sparkle303227 valley glamour77 alicorn228657 bird8526 butterfly7194 chicken1510 cockatrice539 dragon57544 duck1380 earth pony256929 pegasus300339 pony988115 snake2790 unicorn332696 buckball season828 daring doubt864 dragonshy942 fake it 'til you make it1090 filli vanilli1221 fluttershy leans in454 friendship is magic2943 hurricane fluttershy1006 keep calm and flutter on1072 putting your hoof down790 scare master948 season 12318 season 21952 season 31013 season 42765 season 51600 season 6847 season 7759 season 81203 season 91188 stare master655 the last problem5967 applejack's hat7733 bat ponified2757 clothes467525 costume28060 cowboy hat16378 cute202998 cutie mark crusaders19179 female1382177 filly68256 find the music in you11 flutterbat costume100 fluttershy being fluttershy27 fluttershy's cottage1444 flying38783 hat88413 ice skating407 journey93 male380508 mane six32244 mare491418 mccolt family185 night26869 nightmare night costume1588 older27313 older fluttershy725 open mouth150019 open smile1331 petrification977 ponytones138 ponytones outfit210 raribetes5547 shyabetes14190 smiling254500 spread wings55784 stallion112205 stare1380 the magic of friendship grows101 the ponytones46 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124957 wings111545


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Background Pony #B887
I mean are you worse than lord tirek after that red villain chalked princess twilight to her alicorn battle from her kingdom