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safe1975317 artist:chub-wub675 applejack188049 fluttershy238609 pinkie pie238900 rainbow dash259801 rarity203427 spike87425 twilight sparkle333422 alicorn275214 dragon72429 earth pony363115 pegasus408444 pony1327749 unicorn448234 the last problem7191 absurd resolution71636 applejack's hat11972 chest fluff53622 cowboy hat21982 female1606910 folded wings13015 gigachad spike1159 hat109203 looking at each other27704 looking at someone7520 lying down33114 mane seven7357 mane six35361 mare620090 older34268 older applejack928 older fluttershy915 older mane seven291 older mane six448 older pinkie pie876 older rainbow dash1088 older rarity883 older spike8045 older twilight2690 open mouth198484 princess twilight 2.03249 prone30897 raised hoof60010 simple background503741 sitting78938 skunk stripe394 talking8621 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138781 white background130975 wings175987


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