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safe1724478 artist:tjpones3177 princess luna99801 twilight sparkle302773 alicorn227975 pony984761 unicorn331235 gamer luna2692 black and white13143 duo62644 female1379035 filly67983 filly twilight sparkle2763 grayscale38511 mare489694 monochrome150796 mouth hold17725 nom3072 sega saturn18 simple background400101 squatpony368 twiggie405 unicorn twilight18088 white background99932 younger17560


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Background Pony #1329

Because somepony doesn't know where to put her collectables we have to live thought a Death Battle tm

And we can't even banish her to the moon, WHEN THERE AIN'T GOING TO BE A MOON!!!
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Its going to take a lot more than a little pone to scratch the Saturn, which is only surpassed in toughness by the N64.
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