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Draw a pony on a journey / Draw a pony hitting the road

"Even utopias have problems. Join Twilight Sparkle and the gang as they tackle many mishaps and misadventures on their journey to continue spreading the magic of friendship far and wide. Needless to say, Twilight's twilighting days aren't over yet."
safe1703874 artist:red4567914 applejack169667 discord30935 fluttershy212376 li'l cheese523 luster dawn1537 pinkie pie215972 rainbow dash233660 rarity181611 spike78698 twilight sparkle300019 alicorn224009 dragon56148 earth pony247781 pegasus290757 pony965167 unicorn322112 the last problem5770 3d75994 atg 2021241 female1360696 male371846 mane seven6500 mane six31863 mare479327 newbie artist training grounds5894 older26649 older applejack747 older fluttershy699 older mane seven239 older mane six357 older pinkie pie707 older rainbow dash829 older rarity695 older spike5259 older twilight1651 ponies riding dragons119 ponies riding ponies2449 princess twilight 2.02346 riding7477 shrug1427 source filmmaker46165 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123553 wagon918 winged spike8361


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