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safe1708575 edit132721 edited screencap65341 editor:quoterific1880 screencap222474 fluttershy212876 sci-twi24310 sunset shimmer63122 twilight sparkle300596 equestria girls200760 equestria girls series33066 forgotten friendship5376 friendship games12638 legend of everfree8024 movie magic1025 rollercoaster of friendship2503 spring breakdown2700 star crossed229 stressed in show288 sunset's backstage pass!2472 the finals countdown163 the road less scheduled388 the road less scheduled: fluttershy176 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14228 spoiler:eqg specials5285 armpits42965 beach14957 bowtie10153 camp everfree outfits1838 chalkboard2843 clothes460376 crossed arms5111 cute200121 cutie mark47771 cutie mark on clothes2460 female1365047 geode of telekinesis2939 glasses62022 jewelry63893 lidded eyes30772 magical geodes8868 messy hair956 music festival outfit719 necklace18834 night26405 offscreen character34241 one eye closed30826 one-piece swimsuit4443 open mouth146258 scared10457 shocked6989 shocked expression938 swimsuit28312 timer97 twiabetes11778 twilight being twilight13


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