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Page 3 of the sumoverse story enjoy!
safe1708575 artist:artistic20xl19 artist:josejr2217 artist:princebluemoon3770 princess celestia95113 princess luna99202 oc685921 oc:princess yua priana4 alicorn224867 fox1440 pony969631 belly28537 belly button78050 big belly11380 chubbylestia897 fat22149 female1365047 food70236 furry5168 glowing horn19692 high res29654 horn67566 magic73366 magic aura4177 mare481652 princess2222 princess moonpig566 royal sisters4455 siblings8630 sisters8870 sumo94 tea3062 telekinesis27779 trio9204 weight gain4271


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