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explicit361447 artist:smoker40 rarity185561 spike80491 dog9857 equestria girls206968 bestiality2288 breasts288631 busty rarity13384 clothed sex2810 clothes475875 cunnilingus9941 female1401599 high res32665 interspecies23583 licking20855 male387924 molestation1794 nightgown1470 oral50359 pajamas3381 panties51492 panty shot815 personal space invasion883 sex125697 shipping205640 skirt41077 sleep molestation766 sleeping23934 slippers1024 softcore2302 sparity6834 spike the dog2680 straight140309 tail wag1118 through clothes262 tongue out108223 underwear62488 upskirt6037


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Background Pony #1341
Awesome Smoker, just awesome. I bet that Rainbow Dash is next followed by Sci-Twi.

@Background Pony #7D27
Nah, i would prefer that The Principal & The Vice Principal did a doubble teamwork on her.

@Background Pony #7D27
With rarity unknowingly had her clitoris licked by spike through her panty when those wonder if they want to see sunset shimmer sleeping in lingerie preferably panty-less when spike as a canine comes up and licks sunset shimmer's clitoris.
Background Pony #7D27
HOT! Can you please do Spike with Sunset next?

(Preferably with no clothes on, or at least from the waist down)