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Trixie’s pet duck Twilight is all grown up. He and Lustie are friends :D  
safe1752714 artist:badumsquish2011 derpibooru exclusive29345 luster dawn1657 oc712962 oc:twilight6 bird8800 duck1397 pony1012488 unicorn343179 the last problem6098 badumsquish is trying to murder us167 bush2838 call duck1 cuddling8581 cute205945 duo64929 eyes closed98330 female1403778 filly69782 filly luster dawn44 folded wings6604 high res33030 lusterbetes142 open mouth154853 pet1955 pet oc183 pigtails4949 sleeping23963 tree33603 trixie's wagon1129 wings123536


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
@Background Pony #2C40  
Hanging out with her mom’s pet duck :P
@Space Pirate  
A call duck is the perfect pet for Trixie. Cute, loud, and friendly but will fight you, just like Trixie :P
@Chicago Ted  
Don’t forget the tail wiggle :D
@Machiavellian Mythos  
There’s ones near where I live that are pretty docile to just about anyone since so many people feed them :D
Trixie named the duck after Twilight as a backhanded joke. It also gave her one extra way to mess with Twiggles XD  

@Background Pony #3605  
Yeah, it’s a pretty common kind of tag. One artist even has a trying to murder us with dashabetes tag because they draw so much cute Rainbow Dash XD
@Background Pony #1296  
Background Pony #1296
One of my duck friends had babies recently and seeing this melts my heart
Background Pony #3605
What does the “badumsquish is trying to murder us” tag mean? I get that it’s the artist’s username but other than that I have no idea what it means