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Uploaded by Background Pony #48EF
 2290x2010 PNG 3.56 MB
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[Imported from Ponybooru]  
Original upload date: 2021-05-14T09:36:55Z  
Original uploader: Anonymous
safe1995042 artist:nignogs154 oc849123 oc only622695 oc:anon13158 oc:rough cuff1 earth pony372055 human209094 pony1347783 bendy straw182 cherry1251 dialogue81934 diner395 donut2589 donut shop17 drinking straw1202 ears921 eye clipping through hair11379 female1625209 floppy ears65388 food89366 high res87995 mare630394 newspaper1925 offscreen character44959 pencil4414 police1405 police officer925 police pony260 police uniform663 ponybooru import288 purple eyes4180 reading7409 reversed gender roles equestria151 reversed gender roles equestria general58 solo focus24185 straw2327 stuttering150 sunglasses18688


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