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suggestive143192 artist:pia-sama1696 coco pommel5959 rarity182036 earth pony249517 unicorn324290 anthro260628 art pack:the sparity threesome experiment2 beautisexy852 blushing197988 breasts278151 busty coco pommel575 busty rarity12844 clothes460376 dress44610 female1365047 glass4678 lipstick11158 mare481652 side slit1399 wine glass1483


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My interpretation is this; first you have Rarity, whom while in Manehatten on
business decides to touch base with her friend Coco Pommel. Seeing as she had an extra day or two in her free schedule. So she contacts her for a casual meet up and a couple of drinks. In which Coco quickly obliges, as she sees Rarity as the one person who turned her life around for the better and feels grateful towards her for it. But here's the catch, Rarity had mentioned "casual" drinks. So Coco dresses conservatively, nothing too fancy as its just a few drinks between friends. But with Rarity there is nothing really identified as "casual" with her. It's not that she's pining for attention, she's simply confident in her outward appearance. Her philosophy "shine on the outside as you do on the inside". So when the two finally meet up. Coco feels immediately intimidated by Rarity's appearance. As in Coco has always had the utmost respect for Rarity's confidence. It's just that she was never really as "bold" as her.

So there's a lot of contrast here based off of each one's personality. Thus leading to a somewhat awkward moment between friends.