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Lemony Gem and Diamond Mint, in particular order.

So I found an EQG base, and I decided to use it. I use these characters because they had the exact same mane style. So Amethyst Star recolor, I can tell you that because they appeared since Call Of the Cutie; wearing a saddle.

Yeah, you're gonna hate me afterwards and decided to unwatch me.

Got the underwear color from their saddle color and flower from DM. Also, their skin colors was based from the screencap. So believe it or not, the colors aren't lighten.

safe1727915 artist:grapefruitfacebases8 artist:thatusualguy06177 diamond mint222 lemony gem178 equestria girls203279 :t3815 absurd resolution66539 awkward996 base used20450 belly button79559 bra16196 breasts283647 cleavage35143 clothes467515 duo62921 duo female11460 equestria girls-ified9877 feet40709 female1382151 flower26186 flower in hair7895 frilly underwear4487 hug28723 legs together906 orange underwear208 panties50879 pink underwear4307 polka dot underwear486 purple underwear2171 sandals4355 show accurate16127 simple background401476 sleeveless4595 squishy cheeks2433 striped underwear3019 transparent background205649 underwear61694 vector77344 yellow underwear602


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Well, a bikini is a swimsuit that you wear when going swimming. A swimsuit is meant to get wet, and is made out of a certain material.

Underwear is what you wear under clothes. Underwear isn't meant to get wet, and is made out of more common materials.