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Uploaded by Background Pony #E1C1
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safe1944531 artist:lumineko2869 fluttershy235648 bat pony62623 pony1294107 bat ponified3784 crying49757 cute231721 daaaaaaaaaaaw5678 fangs32408 flutterbat7687 frog (hoof)17094 full moon4150 glowing eyes13402 moon27645 open mouth192858 race swap17696 red eyes8421 shyabates372 shyabetes16660 solo1244835 talking to viewer4114 underhoof60847


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Background Pony #C4C6
Well it was tagged as “Fluttershy” when I commented on it. Lumineko even has it tagged as Fluttershy on InkBunny, and when the artist tags something as Fluttershy, I feel rather inclined to believe that it’s Fluttershy.
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Sunset Shimmer
@Background Pony #C4C6  
That’s a fun little story, but this isn’t even Fluttershy.  
It’s an OC that is way too similar to Fluttershy and even has the name “Fluttered Wing”  
Maybe in future images they’ll look a bit different and the lighting here doesn’t do them justice.  
But right now this is looking like one of those Carbon Copy OCs
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Background Pony #C4C6
Okay. *runs up to her and hugs the cute bat*
@Valuable Ashes  
Looks like Shy is fighting a losing battle against Flutterbat for control of her body, and having no recollection of her time as Flutterbat, she believes the viewer could be in danger, so she’s using her last bit of control to tell the viewer to run. Or at least that’s how I see it.
But having seen the Bats episode, we know that Flutterbat isn’t much more or a threat than Fluttershy herself is.
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Just Wayne
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

Umbreon is best Pokemon!
I didn’t listen to her. I stayed there, gave her a hug and told her everything is going to be fine as we all know Flutterbat only sucks apple juice and is no real threat to any creature.
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