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Aftermath (with a story!)
Normal Squeaky Alt
“Now you’re just going a bit overboard with it, don’t you think? ..No, I don’t care if it’s ‘in’ nowadays, this is just… GAH! Just turn me back, Discord!”
suggestive162035 alternate version60854 artist:severity-gray251 derpibooru exclusive31960 twilight sparkle322039 alicorn256652 latex pony313 original species29587 rubber pony212 absurd resolution69572 alternate hairstyle31517 angry30642 death stare257 eyeshadow20063 female1516432 latex14292 latex skin39 latexified20 lidded eyes35696 makeup27633 mare566245 rubber2110 shiny3052 show accurate21542 simple background463119 solo1195170 spread wings66951 squeak246 transformation12771 transparent background232772 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133528 twilight sparkle is not amused1663 unamused18815 wings152934


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