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Alternate version, where the camera doesn't use flash.
1st version — https://derpibooru.org/images/2626438

Welp… after months of nothing, I present another picture.

Another commission by buffaloman20 and another teaser to upcomming comic, buffaloman is planning to comish someone.

I wasn't sure if to post it on dA. (Cuz' I wanted to make Khaki irritated)
But oh well, it's already here. So enjoy.

Maybe update will come, I'm not sure about the shadows.
(As a compromise, next picture may be some scene from MLP.)
safe1750537 artist:khaki-cap212 oc711980 oc only465480 oc:heavy jack13 oc:khaki-cap115 earth pony265943 pony1010593 absurd resolution67009 bad anatomy705 butt65921 cap4807 cheek kiss1884 clothes475998 commissioner:buffaloman2011 cutie mark49706 dock52076 earth pony oc9839 grope13831 hat90354 holding a pony3108 hoodie14942 jeans4338 kiss my ass653 kissing25377 large butt18019 looking at you175697 male388034 pants15317 pants down1002 photobooth13 pony oc424 presenting24898 raised tail16074 rear view12791 stallion115742 tail30848 thicc ass1354


not provided yet


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