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safe1917159 artist:kittyrosie1113 twilight sparkle326691 alicorn264053 pony1264908 burger2207 cargo ship565 chibi16184 cute228111 eyes closed115012 female1552846 floating heart4309 food83696 hay burger707 heart58207 high res80944 hug32521 mare587163 redraw2487 shipping224569 smiling314881 solo1224265 that pony sure does love burgers240 twiabetes13471 twilight burgkle573 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135668


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Background Pony #B0CE
I’d do anything for a hay burger!
‘Cause hay burgers are really swell!
If I could, I’d marry a hay burger!
‘Cause hay burgers ring my beeeell!
Non-Fungible Trixie -

Celestia: All the cake  
Luna: Stack my horn to the top with donuts  
Twilight: Giant hayburger
Dash: How do they all stay so lean with zero training?!
Spike: That’s alicorn metabolism for you Chomps on diamonds
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