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I finished Season 8 of MLP and I thought of making some fanart related to some of my favourite episodes before continuing with our regular schedule of sexy lady drawings and Sunset Shimmer
safe1917174 artist:nire237 scootaloo54582 spitfire14445 pegasus381865 pony1264917 season 82006 the washouts (episode)1182 artist interpretation56 clothes539686 duo100329 duo female17531 female1552870 filly80828 full body wing and hoof cast drinking through a straw28 high res80945 hoof in mouth295 mare587170 scene interpretation9666 spitfire is not amused44 uniform12913 whoop-dee-doodle-doo7 wonderbolts uniform6513


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@Crimson “Valent” Azure
Because a lot of us just wanted a better look and ending for Lightning Dust. The Washouts can stay as a thing, that’s fine but we really wanted her and Rainbow Dash to reconcile.
Also, Spitfire has always been a bastard since her personality change in Wonderbolts Academy.
Crimson "Valent" Azure
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Why are Lightning Dust’s fans the most sensitive people ever? I mean really, as I’ve said multiple times, The Washouts wouldn’t even BE a thing if Dusty wasn’t kicked out. What’s more, the hell was she supposed to do, when someone tries to kill Equestria’s heroes. Like I don’t get this whitewashing for Dusty and utter vile for Spitfire just because she kicked her out. Now if you’re talking about her yelling at Scoots, yeah that was much, but Scootaloo likely would have died and Dusty didn’t actually give a shit about Scoots. Whereas Rainbow was trying to protect her honorary little sister.