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Shy mom and Shy daughter 🦋🌼
suggestive148407 artist:an-tonio2176 fluttershy217243 posey shy1338 pegasus309137 anthro269567 adorasexy10134 ass50896 beautisexy934 big breasts86014 bikini18964 bikini bottom1127 breasts288700 busty fluttershy17914 busty posey shy466 butt65900 clothes475977 cute205697 duo64725 duo female11929 female1401829 flutterbutt5385 high res32694 huge butt10324 large butt18010 looking back60096 milf9954 mother and child2639 mother and daughter6086 panties51499 partial nudity21366 posey butt24 poseybetes36 rear view12790 sexy30697 shyabetes14503 stupid sexy fluttershy1116 stupid sexy posey shy40 swimsuit29632 topless14268 underwear62504


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Dead since 2010
I respect that. However, I personally feel that full nudity is extremely overrated. I can see the appeal in the full nude body but it doesn’t really do a much for me.

it all comes down to preferences in the end, I have mine just as you have yours & I respect that.

It's beacause I find nudity to be, not just sexier, but a way to be more natural in some way. Also I got to mention that both girls are shy and if they try somehow to be more relaxed the underwear it's getting in the way for me.
Background Pony #EE98
You arrived at Fluttershy’S house to celebrate your anniversary. Once you got inside, you saw her with her mom in only panties looking at you dreamily.

Fluttershy: Hi cutie. You’re just in time

Posey: Yes sweetheart. Ready for some fun?

Y/N: Well…yeah but…

Fluttershy: It’s okay honey. My mom had feelings for you and I decided to share you with her.

Y/N: Really? Well Babe. I’m happy as long as your happy.

Fluttershy: I am. Come on let’s go upstairs.

Posey: Follow me you too. I know just the place. — You, Fluttershy and her mom went to her room for lots of fun and both Flutters and her mom are now both your lovers. It’ll be the best night you’ll never forget.