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safe1753864 artist:andoanimalia916 artist:ponygamer2020118 artist:thesharp0ne19 artist:tomfraggle282 garble1865 ocellus5452 princess ember6771 smolder8249 spike80589 changedling8798 changeling49922 dragon58824 fallout equestria17606 dragon quest966 school daze2816 triple threat1014 absurd resolution67051 blushing205120 claws5247 clothes476998 crossed arms5374 cute206084 diaocelles1060 disguise4989 disguised changeling2814 dragon ocellus81 dragon wings736 dragoness9011 dragons wearing clothes38 fallout3696 female1404727 flying39510 group3574 happy32247 horns6377 jumpsuit795 looking at you176174 male389018 open mouth155096 pipboy597 shy4340 simple background410230 smiling262099 smiling at you5300 smolderbetes1193 spread wings57243 teenaged dragon1311 teeth10549 transparent background209335 vault suit3648 vector77934 waving3080 waving at you61 winged spike8556 wings123698


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Hate to nit pick, but I feel like this needs to be said. But slapping a vault suit on everything doesn’t automatically make it Fallout Equestria, it should just be Fallout, imo.