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Twilight and Sunset farted at the same time. Of course, Rainbow and Pinkie will only be looking like that for a second before they laugh and join in on the gassy fun.
I have one more fart edit for Sunset but I’ll hold off until later so I don’t flood the “new images” with fart edits. I’d have held off on this one if I wasn’t afraid I’d forget it.
safe1879531 artist:thedarkpony338 edit148218 edited screencap74687 screencap244563 applejack182220 fluttershy229484 pinkie pie231264 rainbow dash251223 rarity196310 sci-twi27637 spike84564 spike the regular dog2905 sunset shimmer69426 twilight sparkle322110 dog11329 equestria girls223969 legend of everfree8399 camp everfree outfits2098 clothes525565 fart2589 fart edit182 fart noise852 female1517289 humane five4612 humane seven2934 humane six4370 legs9905 onomatopoeia5664 shorts16122 sound effects2732 spike the dog2812


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