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“Hey Rare! Do u want sum fuck?”  
“No, Twi…but I do want you to fuck off.”  
“Why fuck off when you can fuck on?~”  
“Fuck you!”  
“Fuck me? Anytime.”  
safe1946034 artist:moodi173 rarity201202 twilight sparkle330059 alicorn269737 pony1295713 unicorn433806 blushing234697 chest fluff51940 choker16964 chokertwi30 faic13698 female1579317 flirting2030 heart59750 lesbian107608 rarilight2039 rarity is not amused568 shipping227197 simple background490477 transparent background243181 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137312 unamused20160 vulgar description213


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