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safe1902417 edit150395 edited screencap76109 editor:quoterific5002 screencap248132 applejack183784 big macintosh30594 pinkie pie233253 smarty pants1517 earth pony331557 pony1249826 a horse shoe-in1427 apple family reunion1149 brotherhooves social530 dungeons and discords833 filli vanilli1287 hard to say anything866 hearthbreakers1260 just for sidekicks999 lesson zero1683 pinkie apple pie1065 season 43865 season 52721 season 81889 season 92241 the big mac question1115 the break up breakdown742 the last problem6883 blushing228028 clothes534401 cute225942 dilated pupils708 eating11075 happy36334 heart eyes21293 macabetes575 male436120 mouth hold20270 offscreen character41193 puffy cheeks4358 puppy dog eyes828 solo focus20387 stallion139058 wingding eyes28228


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