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safe1946049 artist:shaslan94 artist:snowillusory138 nightmare moon18752 princess cadance36371 sci-twi28494 twilight sparkle330060 alicorn269742 pony1295730 absurd resolution70702 blue eyes8232 blue mane2086 commission94274 evil grin5392 fangs32473 female1579326 flowing mane2778 glowing horn24765 grin51569 helmet13265 hoof shoes7333 horn112572 jewelry88558 looking at each other26909 looking at you212323 mare603928 midnight sparkle2805 nightmare cadance109 nightmarified741 open mouth193089 purple eyes3894 regalia28826 smiling323523 spread wings73155 trio15927 trio female3527 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137312 wings169037


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