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The Humane Seven on the Luxe Deluxe, grooving to early ‘90’s deep house music. :)
Frankie Knuckles featuring Roberta Gilliam - Workout (Workin Dub) (c)1991 Virgin Records Inc.

safe2211648 edit176954 editor:someguy84555 screencap298891 sound edit560 applejack203517 fluttershy262781 pinkie pie259886 rainbow dash284357 rarity220698 sci-twi31872 sunset shimmer80488 twilight sparkle363136 human254845 equestria girls260609 g42066315 i'm on a yacht917 my little pony equestria girls: better together40420 '90s326 absurd file size3541 animated128526 cruise outfit210 cute271359 dancing11457 dancity101 dashabetes12614 diapinkes12855 female1845814 geode of empathy3907 geode of fauna2468 geode of shielding2894 geode of sugar bombs2629 geode of telekinesis3487 glasses91234 humane five5905 humane seven3952 humane six5386 jackabetes8113 magical geodes11797 music4766 ponytail28429 raribetes7177 sandals5843 sci-twiabetes212 shimmerbetes5322 shyabetes19673 smiling411601 sound17904 sunglasses21604 twiabetes15667 webm26870


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