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A new day dawns upon the hinterlands of Aviania. The cloudless horizon brightens, and the crickets' chirping slowly fades away. You wake up after a good night's sleep, cozily buried under a pile of friends.

After some yawning and stretching, you greet each other good morning, and slide out of bed. Your pocket watch indicates five o'clock. Time to get rolling!

You all exit the hut feeling well-rested, and the chilly outside air shakes off any remnants of drowsiness. Looking forward to a warm breakfast, you make your way to the northern edge of town, where you find Galazios keeping an eye on the seashore.

Galazios: "Good morning! Slept well?"

You nod gratefully, and let the harpy know that you will be resuming your journey back home shortly.

Galazios: "Safe travels, then. And don't forget about our deal, little one!"

Apple Basket: "Don't you worry none, you can count on me!"

After bidding farewell to Galazios, you continue on your way to your sailboat. Once aboard, you take shelter from the cold inside the cabin — thanks to its newly installed radiator —, and begin to prepare a hearty meal.

Soon, freshly cooked apple-flavoured oatmeal fills your stomach, and you depart from the coast, an eastward wind in your sail…

You arrive in Amblerta under the sunshine of an early summer afternoon. The familiar sights and sounds of the white and blue city's bustling port fill you with a sense of homecoming.

Once out of the boat and onto the cobblestone docks, you stop to look over to Smoke, who takes in the sights, then glances back at you with a grin.

Smoke: "So we're here, huh?"

You nod, realizing that the time has come to part ways. You thank her again for accompanying you for so long, and tell her that you are proud to call her a friend. The two younger ponies nod in agreement.

Smoke: "Heh, it's been fun. For the most part. And hey, if your adventures ever take you to the Dragon Lands, I'll make sure the others don't give you too hard a time out there."

Before she leaves, you and your pony friends share some farewell hugs with the dragon — and a few gemstones for the road, courtesy of Moonflower.

Smoke: "Alright, well, thanks again for the shinies, and good luck with whatever comes next!"

With that, Smoke salutes playfully, and you wave her goodbye as she takes off into the fair blue skies.

Smoke leaves the party.

- The road north leads to the tavern, and the observatory.

- The road east leads to the marketplace, and the Trading Post headquarters.

- The road south leads to the south district, which includes Aqua Skies and Marine Wave's house, the barbershop, the bathhouse, the chemist, the enchanter, the farrier, the windmill, and the beach area.

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