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safe1920963 artist:lrusu775 applejack184823 fluttershy233354 pinkie pie234628 rainbow dash254987 rarity199382 twilight sparkle327053 alicorn264712 earth pony339285 pegasus383253 unicorn421040 the last problem6950 applejack's hat11291 clothes540677 cowboy hat20973 crown23365 ethereal mane10221 ethereal tail722 eyes closed115301 female1556036 flying45479 granny smith's shawl242 group shot518 hat104176 high res81141 hoof on head550 hoof shoes7112 jacket15496 jewelry86126 looking at each other26216 mane six34675 mare589015 midair215 older32857 older applejack890 older fluttershy868 older mane six426 older pinkie pie844 older rainbow dash1037 older rarity846 older twilight2477 open mouth187861 peytral4598 princess twilight 2.03068 profile7014 raised hoof57397 regalia27744 short hair2434 spread wings70902 standing17084 starry mane5603 starry tail211 stetson5358 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135795 wings163351


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