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safe1726457 edit134158 edited screencap66179 editor:quoterific2204 screencap224389 berry blend483 berry bliss485 citrine spark419 derpy hooves50463 discord31342 fire quacker418 huckleberry380 maud pie12609 mercury255 roseluck5144 sandbar5518 silverstream6214 spike79471 starlight glimmer49185 starry eyes (character)253 thorax4384 trixie68087 twilight sparkle303032 yona5170 alicorn228360 changedling8559 changeling48653 draconequus12208 dragon57456 earth pony256360 pony986736 unicorn332085 yak4683 a horse shoe-in1361 a matter of principals1108 all bottled up1450 every little thing she does949 no second prances1878 rock solid friendship1246 season 6845 season 7756 season 81184 season 91176 student counsel1260 the crystalling2186 the maud couple752 to where and back again2739 triple threat983 uncommon bond821 adorkable3557 cute202824 dork3834 eyes closed95552 female1380865 friendship express445 friendship student1726 grin39599 king thorax2926 laughing8141 magic74255 male379929 mare490685 nervous5772 nervous grin1112 nervous laugh100 offscreen character34910 open mouth149790 smiling254168 stallion111942 sugarcube corner2412 telekinesis28196 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124867 twilight's castle3993


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