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Spending time with each other’s hobbies is a fun way to relax,
even if you need to read up on what to do in between<3
(Wanted to make something with them<3
Take care<3
safe1918904 artist:dendollae168 pinkie pie234506 twilight sparkle326873 alicorn264370 earth pony338492 pony1266534 baking745 book38140 bowl1989 chef's hat796 cooking1230 cute228340 diapinkes11307 dough114 duo100599 duo female17584 eyes closed115152 female1554369 hat104081 kneading40 magic83715 mare588024 mixing39 open mouth187486 open smile13092 smiling315332 telekinesis32787 twiabetes13479 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135731


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