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Luna's night calmly blanket's the sky to grant rest to those beneath,
any may behold Equestria's comfy duvet and the many stars across its ethereal fabric<3

(Hope you're doing well<3
Stars sadly have no structure, was just for fun and an excuse for a pair
of more weighty plots. Take care<3
suggestive145518 artist:dendollae69 pinkie pie218202 twilight sparkle303158 alicorn228573 earth pony256774 pony987714 balcony1438 balloonbutt4249 butt62252 duo62891 duo female11456 female1381772 females only12760 mare491205 moon23752 open mouth149932 plot80512 smiling254395 stargazing378 twibutt5652 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124931


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