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Originally posted on: Fri, 09 Oct 2020 16:50:18 GMT
Flutterbatt x discord!

Ok i have not copied anyone i promise you i thought of the whole biting discords neck thing a while ago ok -great artist think alot apparently

-any way heres another post for spooky season๐ŸŽƒ

#fluttercord #discordxflutterbat #discordxFluttershy #flutterbatmlp #discordmlp #mlp #spookyseason #inktober #bats
safe1705690 artist:cocolove2176404 fluttershy212571 bat pony49755 pony966837 :p8888 abstract background14670 bat ponified2658 bat wings9328 bust49929 clothes459326 colored hooves5926 female1362333 flutterbat6839 forked tongue1179 glowing eyes11137 mare480141 race swap14241 solo1063667 tongue out103872 wings107248


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