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it'll come to him later, wakkawakka
suggestive143049 artist:davierocket224 sandbar5457 silverstream6139 earth pony248870 hippogriff9729 pony967879 blushing197693 cans48 comic109136 duo61368 eating9610 food70132 herbivore1036 imminent blowjob610 imminent oral876 imminent sex7015 implied gallbar26 implied gay1291 implied shipping5021 male372817 oblivious467 pineapple429 question mark4527 spoon1372 text59557


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Background Pony #E5FC
Gallus is actually trying to dip Sandbar in Pineapples to stuff Sandbar is Gallus' food, more flesh and protein for the predatory griffon, the prey horse, Sandbar is still oblivious of the predator's true intention.
Background Pony #B1CF
I immediately knew what the joke was, and I'm not sure if I should feel bad for that or not
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