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I really like MLP, but I often draw other people’s OC, so I don’t have much art from the canon, but I have a couple of favorite old works > <
safe1922880 artist:sparkling_light118 cozy glow8615 lord tirek5771 queen chrysalis38388 twilight sparkle327237 alicorn265132 centaur4049 changeling56688 changeling queen20466 pony1270371 the ending of the end3491 alicornified6417 chest fluff50730 cloud36468 colored wings9159 cozycorn826 ear fluff39674 female1557583 glowing horn24312 horn109160 legion of doom384 magic83904 magic of friendship57 male442912 profile7022 race swap17281 rainbow5564 scene interpretation9726 spread wings71042 taste the rainbow254 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135883 wings163718


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Twilight acting as the avatar of everypony and creature uniting together against the villains. That’s how I see this pic.
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