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Originally this was planned to be with only two characters, but then I decided to escalate that up to 20 ponies due to an increase in productivity, I'm very happy on how this turned out.
Anyways, I did this art because I have a Ko-Fi page now (therefore the Ko-Fi icon in the coffee cup), so if you want to support me and my work, you can do it at the following link:
safe1706913 artist:christian69229136 lyra heartstrings29554 oc684951 oc:alex sinfalair38 oc:christian clefnote108 oc:cuteamena169 oc:delly160 oc:electric blue144 oc:eminence bloom10 oc:fernando jesús31 oc:flushie74 oc:gamer tom1 oc:luke quint13 oc:lulu star moonie12 oc:luminous siren84 oc:milkyway mihay70 oc:moonlight thunder66 oc:nekonin78 oc:sierra nightingale92 oc:soft melody50 oc:sunshine denom33 oc:tiny jasmini37 alicorn224519 earth pony248936 pegasus292000 pony968091 unicorn323597 3d76226 advertisement8710 alicorn oc26586 clothes459777 coffee3876 female1363551 heterochromia5437 horn67337 leg warmers2457 male372862 mare480867 micro9042 not luna223 socks66345 source filmmaker46280 stallion108869 striped socks21394 wing hands2067 wings107469


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