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Oh lord this drawing took 15 hours


Oh lord i wasnt planning on putting this much effort into this but here we are

This is a picture dedicated to Kokuma who adores these characters and is a good friend of mine
safe1708429 artist:brainiac1870 discord31004 fluttershy212867 draconequus11766 pegasus292537 pony969519 fallout equestria17049 book33515 bread1442 bubble5265 clothes460318 coffee3880 cup6312 detailed779 digital painting271 fall guys44 female1364947 food70232 gravy boat85 high res29647 lineless3823 male373393 mare481619 pie3304 sandwich1991 scene interpretation8614 scone68 suit5899 teacup2916 toast447


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Zcord, DiscordFan
This artstyle is incredible and unique. I love the detail that went into perfecting the exacts of the scene.
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