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safe1706887 artist:chub-wub375 sunset shimmer63031 twilight sparkle300364 alicorn224511 pony968065 unicorn323581 alternate hairstyle28108 cheek kiss1823 dusk shine2350 duskglare9 duskshimmer66 eyes closed93595 female1363523 gay27599 glasses61929 glowing horn19668 grin38555 half r63 shipping1988 horn67332 kissing24651 lesbian97006 levitation12123 magic73284 male372851 mare480846 one eye closed30756 rule 6326853 shipping200279 simple background393594 smiling248605 stallion108863 straight136418 sunset glare279 sunsetsparkle4367 telekinesis27738 twiglare32 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123671 white background97927 wink24751


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