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safe1918348 artist:chub-wub627 sunset shimmer70771 twilight sparkle326831 alicorn264248 pony1266016 unicorn419841 alternate hairstyle32434 cheek kiss2168 dusk shine2569 duskglare15 duskshimmer68 eyes closed115113 female1553892 gay32073 glasses74555 glowing horn24221 grin49993 half r63 shipping2328 horn108566 kissing27989 lesbian106499 levitation13814 magic83678 male441482 mare587746 one eye closed38424 rule 6329818 shipping224657 simple background480434 smiling315165 stallion141050 straight155092 sunset glare305 sunsetsparkle4731 telekinesis32769 twiglare32 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135715 white background123544 wink28870


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