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safe1705692 edit132441 edited screencap65149 editor:quoterific1816 screencap222122 applejack169837 a queen of clubs222 best in show: the victory lap86 camping must-haves135 driving miss shimmer196 epic fails (equestria girls)195 eqg summertime shorts3142 equestria girls200312 equestria girls (movie)7159 equestria girls series32972 legend of everfree8018 monday blues329 rainbow rocks18279 rollercoaster of friendship2492 shake things up!115 shake your tail296 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14174 ^^288 applejack's hat7323 bass guitar564 belt5511 best in show logo41 better than ever47 camp everfree outfits1831 clothes459334 cowboy hat15854 crossed arms5095 cute199673 cutie mark47707 cutie mark on clothes2447 denim skirt1488 driving miss shimmer: applejack27 eyes closed93436 female1362346 geode of super strength2160 hat86793 helping twilight win the crown402 jackabetes5964 jewelry63564 laughing7995 lockers1672 magical geodes8848 musical instrument10489 necklace18765 open mouth145677 photo booth (song)49 skirt39721 smiling248210 smoke2565 solo1063678


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