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safe1709362 edit132807 edited screencap65389 editor:quoterific1903 screencap222589 rose heart658 sci-twi24335 starlight759 starshine103 twilight sparkle300691 dance magic1532 do it for the ponygram!420 eqg summertime shorts3149 equestria girls200868 equestria girls series33079 forgotten friendship5371 i'm on a yacht788 mad twience196 my little shop of horrors159 school of rock138 spring breakdown2702 stressed in show288 stressed in show: fluttershy161 sunset's backstage pass!2474 text support218 text support: rarity41 the finals countdown163 twilight under the stars239 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14249 spoiler:eqg specials5291 ^^314 all good (song)101 bowtie10162 cute200249 dance magic (song)72 eyes closed93847 female1365784 geode of telekinesis2940 glasses62069 jewelry63991 magical geodes8879 microphone5059 microphone stand116 music festival outfit726 necklace18853 open mouth146434 ponied up5216 ponytail17959 singing6374 sleeveless4408 smiling249324 smug6031 smuglight sparkle294 solo1066197 twiabetes11793 wings107922


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