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She's finally here and about time too, she's the last member of the F.M. crew.

I've been planning to introduce this little cutie every since my first Mother's Day picture two years ago. I didn't mean to leave future Fluttershy pregnant for so long ^^;

Sour Apple is the final child born to Big Macintosh and Fluttershy, they cut it awfully close too. In my little universe here, they were very close to being too old to have any more children when she was born.

Don't let the pout fool you, she's not grumpy, her pudgy little face just makes her look, well, sour most of the time. For her design, she inherited her coat color from Fluttershy's mom, her mane color from Granny Smith's coat color (I did darken it a little more), her eye color from momma Fluttershy, and she got freckles from Big Mac's side of the family in general. I wonder if anyone else has thought of apple seed shaped freckles? I don't think I've seen that anywhere before. Her mane shape sort of comes from Fluttershy, but I really just cheated it to get her mane to look like an apple first before thinking of who in her family it could look like. I just liked Sour Apple as a name, I thought of it first and it influenced the rest of her design like having a green mane and giving her a coat color that looked like the inside of an apple, and making her look grumpy.

That's finally it, the whole FlutterMac clan. I should make something with the whole family together now, maybe for Father's Day, I don't draw the kids enough.
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