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“Dyson Sphere”
Commission for Thank you so much! <3
safe1975415 artist:ali-selle133 princess celestia105241 princess luna109394 twilight sparkle333424 alicorn275223 pony1327841 :t4219 alicorn triarchy365 bed50235 commission97133 cute236991 dyson sphere4 eyes closed121111 featured image1069 female1607007 freeman dyson1 funny4869 giggling1027 glowing12752 glowing horn25599 high res86946 horn117942 illustration473 levitation14306 lying down33120 magic86724 magic aura6877 mare620137 mundane utility108 prank1625 princess2860 prone30900 royal sisters5632 royalty1560 siblings15464 sisters13317 sleeping26800 smiling332358 solar panel26 troll physics12 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138785 wings176003


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Perfect Chaos
I don’t get it.
A Dyson Sphere is a hypothetical build/device that is meant to be built surrounding a celestial body or star, capturing the most quantity possible of its radiating energy.
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