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Based loosely on an awesome story by full
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Part 1: >>2470547  
Part 2: >>2611418
suggestive173328 artist:lordstormcaller132 part of a set18598 princess celestia105205 princess luna109367 alicorn275065 anthro316507 unguligrade anthro58513 series:gamer grub3 arm behind back7563 ass69937 belly36285 belly button95968 big belly16428 big breasts107249 bikini22429 bondage41063 bound wrists554 breasts344187 busty princess celestia12262 busty princess luna8567 butt180108 butt grab3464 butt touch6311 chubby15495 chubby cheeks4888 chubbylestia1039 cleavage41084 clothes560560 commission97020 dialogue80508 duo118744 duo female20478 fanfic art16897 fat26132 fattening68 female1606282 females only15169 fetish49345 gag17538 grope16895 illustration473 large butt25950 link in description750 looking back74260 muffin top617 muffled words714 obese13762 overweight440 part of a series3326 payback124 princess moonpig673 revenge965 royal sisters5630 scale279 shorts17256 siblings15443 simple background503298 sisters13316 speech bubble32250 sports bra4291 story included11362 sunbutt5089 swimsuit34788 tape1915 tape gag1261 teasing4628 thighs22504 thunder thighs12718 tight clothing3246 weight gain5201 white background130790 wide eyes18852


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