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safe1705486 edit132429 edited screencap65143 editor:quoterific1812 screencap222103 applejack169819 fluttershy212557 pinkie pie216115 rarity181752 twilight sparkle300231 earth pony248414 pegasus291397 pony966682 unicorn322892 baby cakes665 party of one1081 pinkie pride1522 ponyville confidential997 putting your hoof down782 rock solid friendship1232 season 11792 season 21297 season 3787 season 42465 season 51112 season 7565 season 81033 season 9958 tanks for the memories1462 the beginning of the end2154 the lost treasure of griffonstone1081 the maud couple751 too many pinkie pies1848 spoiler:s08881 spoiler:s09671 applejack's hat7323 cowboy hat15852 crying43546 duo61228 duo female10863 eyes closed93419 female1362183 floppy ears52281 fluttershy's cottage1405 grin38486 hat86776 lip bite11609 male372326 mare480071 nose in the air1279 open mouth145646 pinkamena diane pie19095 sad24507 sitting63180 smiling248149 solo1063530 stallion108659 sugarcube corner2343 tears of joy2522 teeth9748 unicorn twilight17476 volumetric mouth677 wavy mouth3681


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