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safe1707380 edit132611 edited screencap65270 editor:quoterific1854 screencap222307 angel bunny9846 applejack169998 fluttershy212762 pinkie pie216296 rainbow dash234047 rarity181936 tank2735 earth pony249102 pegasus292165 pony968523 rabbit5307 tortoise665 unicorn323827 a bird in the hoof699 castle mane-ia890 filli vanilli1215 hurricane fluttershy998 it ain't easy being breezies892 magical mystery cure2362 ponyville confidential998 putting your hoof down783 tanks for the memories1462 the beginning of the end2155 the mean 61668 the saddle row review1432 twilight's kingdom3120 angel is not amused57 angry27252 animal4349 applejack's hat7359 clothes459978 coronation dress696 cowboy hat15897 crying43598 dress44568 duo61422 duo female10916 eyes closed93644 female1364002 fluttershy's cottage1406 hat86930 lip bite11619 male373049 mare481125 offscreen character34191 open mouth146018 puddle949 sad24539 sadbow dash35 shocked6980 solo1064886 stallion108969 tears of joy2525 wavy mouth3689 wiping tears56


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no! don't laugh at me! stop laughing at me! stay out of my shed! STAY OUT OF MY SHED!
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