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safe1750051 edit135855 edited screencap67193 editor:quoterific2530 screencap227235 applejack173239 doctor caballeron810 fluttershy217208 pinkie pie220121 rainbow dash238524 tank2780 twilight sparkle306063 earth pony265760 pegasus308991 pony1010102 tortoise703 turtle545 daring done?973 magical mystery cure2444 may the best pet win793 newbie dash1076 parental glideance1086 tanks for the memories1475 the last problem6080 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000828 blanket5523 clothes475820 cloudsdale1335 coronation dress719 crying44802 cute205643 dashabetes9639 dress46061 duo64699 duo female11920 eyes closed98012 female1401514 hoof on chest762 lip bite12035 lockers1802 male387884 mare501993 offscreen character35724 open mouth154210 sad25063 sadbow dash41 sadorable936 slippers1024 solo1094096 spread wings57035 tears of joy2641 tears of pain1159 tourist90 trio9742 trio female2004 volumetric mouth817 wings123032


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

The one where she slowly breaks down in Tanks For The Memories is both the saddest and cutest scene I’ve ever seen RD in. Cause she reverts to a child in a way, it’s adorable. Plus it’s more believable than most of the other crying scenes imo.