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Cosmic epilogue (2/2)

You'll need a big brain to hold all of those memmories Flutters …

What is a word. And how much meaning can be asigned to one.

Ethernity is just a word. Its nine letter that are suposed to convey an infinite amount of time.
Infinite is another word. Its eight words suposed to convey someting without limit.

People use these words, And say they understand when that convey. But do they realy? Is the mind truly capable of grasping the full inplications these mere words hint at? How faar does one imagination stretsh when trying to imagine someting that by all means is beyond comprehension?

Fluttershy found herself trying to comprehend the full extent of these words.

She could say that she had been everyting. But what did that realy mean? Its only nine words, conveying an idear of someting. How does one truly comprehend ”everything?”

fluttershy felt like a tiny water baloon trying to catch the ocean

Her third eye opened, just a bit, and it opened the floodgate to the secrets of the universe. To a forgotten timeleine. The universe remembered the wrinkle. The rabit hole that everything had been folden down through. And she stared into the memmory of the wrinkle. As she did she bent space through her. Turning her into a fold of a forgotten wrinkle in spacetime.

Its said that those who have once been touched by chaos are forever within its grasp. And once you stare long enough into the abyss – the abyss stares back.

Her chaos fed of the universe, and the spirit of nature flooded through her once again. Gifting her with a bigger and bigger mind, a bigger brain. A processor atemptiont to run all that information as as Eons uoon eons of unforgotten momories flooded back into her mind!

It was easy to loose onself in the abyss. Discord knew. She was but a young reality bender, unused to how to handle such power. His dear fluttershy was most likely not even aware of what she did to herself, of what she would do to herself as she lost herself in that thought.

He knew he needed to stop her. Before she folded herself in twain.

He could not use his chaos. You can not fight chaos with chaos. Less you only get more chaos. All of his powers were worthless, and would only make the situation worse.

But the way to snapp her out of her train of thought was not by snapping his fingers. Instead it was through a move far far easier. One that she had taught him, and used on him manny a times.

Which in a way. made it the most chaotic move of all.


authors note:

Thank you all for reading this stupid, stupid little comic of mine. A comic that I through would only take me one year to make. Ended up taking almost one and a half. Things got in the way. Like getting a job, and a new apartment.

It was also hard with people leaving mean or stupid coments. That thing can really sap your creative will. Like that User BigOnionBean. Who would frequently make stupid remarks, and then hide behind excuses of ”Being Ironic.”
The only way to deal with that was to not deal with that, and i eventually just stopped reading any of his comments.

Im only glad I was able to finish it. This magnum opus of a cosmic, eldritch transformation comic. Its been a hell of a ride. a ride I was at times not shure if I had the energy to finish.

thank you everyone who liked and commented, as it was your little tokens of support that gave me the will to finish this, Especially towards the end, when the original creative zeal had worn off. (thats always the problem with bigger projects, they are easy to start, harder to finish, because that original drive force is a limited resource. )

Now I finally don't have to worry about this any more. Thank you all for reading, and have a great day.

Side note:
Flutters brain was getting bigger by the last page, as she was trying to process these events. I just didn't draw attention to it, and just wondered if someone would notice, or wonder why her head looked so large.
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I… didn't even know he commented. o.o;

I really liked this. Kinda wished you did comms, but I can see how giant stuff like this is both a hell of a time but also emotional sink. S'good stuff and whatever you end up doing next, I do hope you enjoy it :D
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A CHEESE Changeling
Does this mean that you ain't gonna be drawing more eldritch horrors now that this is over? :p
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"thats always the problem with bigger projects, they are easy to start, harder to finish, because that original drive force is a limited resource"

Ain't that an unpleasant reality I too know all too well :P, kudos for seeing it through to the end though, it makes me feel I should be working harder on my own ideas myself. Anyways was a really cool story, I'm glad IDW gave us cosmos, but I am even more glad you were able to use the character to it's full potential considering there is NO WAY they could take a scenario like this so far with the limitations of the IP they've no doubt been given (and at the same time still feels like it'd fit)
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Planeswalker — FoME
Taken as a whole, this was quite the enjoyable journey. The big problem with Cosmos's growth is the same I had with some episodes of the show; I didn't know when it would end, so it felt like it was taking forever.

But with all context on the table, this was a fun ride from start to finish. Thank you for it.
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