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Name: Aurora Charm
Nickname: Aurora
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 2.5 feet
Birthplace: Canterlot
Residence: Canterlot
Job: Waitress at a fancy restaurant

Special talent: I don't really follow the MLP FIM cutie mark rule. So she is kind of my AU wich is that all ponies doesn't have a special talent. (I'm gonna be honest, I'm just lazy and not good with coming up with cutie marks)

Personality: Aurora Charm is humorous, very energetic, talkative and responsible. She loves to talk and converse with other people and always finds something to talk about no matter what. She loves to see other people happy and constantly cracks jokes. She loves to take care of her younger siblings and is very responsible in her home. Her being super energetic can cause many problems for her but she never lets that get to her.

Backstory: Aurora Charm was born and raised in Canterlot with two younger siblings and her parents. When she was 10 years old her parents enrolled her in magic school where she started to learn magic. She made many friends and tried her best to keep up her grades but magic was very hard for her. She graduated magic school at 18 with barely passing grades. After magic school she moved back home and started to take care of her siblings. When she was 20 she used her saved up allowance and moved from home. She struggled to get a job for some time and almost became bankrupt until she met a pony named Sandy Waves that helped her find a job, by recommending a restaurant that was looking for more waiters and waitresses. Aurora went to the restaurant and applied. She got the job and has worked there since. Aurora thanked Sandy and asked her out to lunch where they talked and talked until it was closing time. And after that they started to become best friends and became a part of Sandy Waves friend group and eventually Aurora and Sandy fell in love with each other. Neither have confessed yet but Aurora is planning to soon.

Sorry for bad grammar and any spelling mistakes.
Like I have said before, I'm really bad with backstories and such so if this sucks then I'm sorry -


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