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safe1705934 edit132464 screencap222147 applejack169864 cozy glow7405 discord30968 fluttershy212613 pinkie pie216175 princess celestia94994 princess luna99116 rainbow dash233908 rarity181793 spike78760 twilight sparkle300296 alicorn224355 draconequus11696 dragon56255 earth pony248581 pegasus291594 pony967126 unicorn323090 the ending of the end3197 abuse7731 alicornified5349 animated98622 bad end2134 boast4 butt58812 comments locked down222 cozycorn694 credit joke56 duckery in the comments131 end credits107 evil grin4418 female1362612 gif31045 grin38516 magic73249 mare480301 plot79009 race swap14243 royal guard7761 smiling248335 twibutt5517 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123640 twilybuse580


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Background Pony #1F91
Deletion reason: Rule #6 - Everything in the universe isn't about Discord
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Background Pony #FFCC
So much whining on a post. People really take things seriously, don't they?
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Background Pony #E089
I’m honestly more annoyed that no one did anything to help her. Like no one, not even Spike helped her. Jeez.
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