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{SFM} Tripple Jail
Rar: Look at @ShadowBoltSFM. Don't let her escape from us.
Flut: Don't worry, I'm holding her with my knee. Looks like it's too heavy for her.
Rar: Great idea, Fluttershy. I'll hold her too.
RD: I fixed her with my thighs, girls. Now she is in our disposition.
suggestive143282 artist:artempredator107 fluttershy212972 rainbow dash234243 rarity182114 oc686382 oc:inkwell stylus107 anthro260747 boots22083 breasts278313 clothes460636 crush fetish513 domination2032 dress44627 female1365761 fetish40096 giant anthro367 giantess4105 legs8409 macro10919 shoes36845 thigh crush10 thighs13736 tiny1248


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Background Pony #9856
Who'd you pick if you had to be trapped between just one pair of legs? I would easily go with Rarity since her legs are something else entirely.
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