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Borg said:
Invite her to join your quest for a while.

You run a hoof through your hair, and figure that it has since dried as much as it could in this mist. You then walk over to your equipment, and take a moment to put it back on.

You equip Blue Choker of Aquatic Respiration, Blue Striped Scarf, Magic Sword Scabbard, 2 Mirror Shin Guards, Star Hairpin, and Tempered Simple Breastplate.

Now ready to resume your adventure, you turn to Smoke. Despite her rough edges, you've grown to like her free spirit, and so you decide to invite her to come along with you. She grins toothily at that, as if she had expected it.

Smoke: "Sounds like you can't get enough of me. Heh. Sure, I'll give it a shot."

Smoke joins your party!

You welcome your new dragon friend to the team with a hug, which seems to somewhat baffle her. Then, you suggest meeting with your other companions first, who you assume haven't gone far. You mention that the farmland closest to her cave would be a good place to start looking.

Smoke: "Oh, I know the one!"

And with that, Smoke wraps her arms around you, then takes off. In a flap of her wings, you burst out of the warm steam cloud and into the near-freezing air.

After yet another disorienting flight of twists and turns, low above a red sea of pines, the scenery clears. You land somewhere in Glint's mining field, not far from a trio of ponies. You hear their voices call out as you get your bearings back.

Glint "King's beard, what is that thing?!"

Apple Basket: "Trailblazer! We were just about to go lookin' for you!"

Moonflower: "Oooh! Did ya make a new friend?"

The two younger ponies rush to your side, while the older farmer keeps a safe distance from the tall, scaly creature. Once you've introduced them and Smoke to each other, Glint comes a couple steps closer, but no more.

Moonflower: "Nice to meet'cha! I like your horns!"

Smoke: "Thanks, I grew them myself. So, what are we doing here?"

Apple Basket: "Uh, I reckon we're done here, actually. Glint jus' gave us a note to deliver to Platinum Twine, back in Norora."

Moonflower: "Yuh uh! I got it here in my bag."

Glint clears his throat, drawing everyone's attention.

Glint: "That's right, and I'm grateful for all you've done here, but there isn't enough daylight left to burn idling. Now that your friend's back, you'd best get going. I've got some work to finish, myself, and the sooner that tailor gets that note, the better."

You nod understandingly, and bid farewell to Glint, before making your way to the nearest road, and setting off to east to Norora.

On the way, you recount your previous adventures to Smoke, and in turn, she exchanges some stories of her own. You learn that while she seems to enjoy making trouble, her antics are relatively harmless. Or so she claims.

When the blue stone walls of Norora finally come into view, the overcast sky has darkened to a dull orange, and the wind has grown ever so slightly colder, making you sink into your cloaks and scarves.

Your party nonchalantly approaches the gate as usual. However, this time, the guards on each side step in front of you, blocking your path. One of them speaks.

Knight: "Halt! You may pass, outsiders, but the beast must remain outside of the city walls."

The knight gestures to Smoke, who crosses her arms and snorts indignantly. You get the distinct feeling that if you don't deal with this, she happily will.

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