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Yoshimon1 said:
Not so fast! She’s not leaving before we’ve gotten some revenge! We may still be spent, but a Trailblazer always find a way! How about she lies down on a nice rock and lets us work our hooves a bit? A deep, relaxing massage with extra focus on her wings before she has to carry us back? As for snacks, we’ve got these tasty Filly Guide Cookies! Or maybe she’d prefer to try some quality imported Equestrian Gemstones instead? …
You roll a 12 (required 10). Success!
As Smoke spreads her wings and prepares to leave, you spring to your hooves and ask her to wait. She stops to look at you with a raised eyebrow and a poorly concealed smirk.
You admit that you’d like to hang out with her some more, and offer to give her a well-deserved massage after all this hard work. The dragon thinks it over, then shrugs.
Smoke: “Eh, sure. You’ve been alright so far, so why not?”
After shaking yourself dry, you invite Smoke to lie down comfortably on the warm stone floor. Then, as you stand above her, you figure that dragons can’t be that different from winged ponies, and begin to massage around her back and neck as best you can.
Smoke: “Oh-kay, this feels pretty nice, actually.”
While you rub and knead the dragon’s large, firm muscles, you decide to try learning more about her, and ask where she comes from.
Smoke: “I’m from the Dragon Lands, like most dragons.”
Admittedly, you don’t know much about the Dragon Lands, other than they are far to the southeast, on the complete opposite side of Equestria. As such, you ask what brings her all the way to Midgard.
Smoke: “Just passing through. Thought I’d see what’s around here before moving on. Ooh, lower…”
Seeing as she seems to share your love for travelling, you ask the dragon thief if she is some sort of adventurer.
Smoke: “Heh. I guess you could say that. I just, you know, do what dragons do. Mmph, right there, that’s the spot… So, what about you?”
You tell Smoke that you are an explorer from Equestria, and that you and your friends are on a quest that lead you here. This appears to pique her interest.
Smoke: “A quest, huh? With battles to be fought and treasure to be looted?”
You honestly reply that you try your best to be peaceful, and that you always value friendship over treasure. She chuckles at that.
Some time passes in comfortable silence. Once the massage over with, you help the flattened dragon up before sitting next to her. Then, you pull a filly guide cookie and a quality gemstone out of your sidereal bag, and hoof them over to Smoke, telling her to pick one.
Smoke: “Wait, you’re just… giving it to me? Really?”
You nod, and say that since she mentioned being hungry earlier, you thought you’d share some food with her. She seems to hesitate before taking the gemstone, leaving you to enjoy the minty chocolate treat.
You use Filly Guide Cookie, and give Gemstone to Smoke.
Smoke: “I’m not saying no, but… the tussling, the massage, and now this? Why are you being so nice to me, anyway?”
You tell Smoke that her good looks aside, you felt like giving her a chance, and that you’d love to become her friend if she lets you.
Smoke: “Friends, huh? You and me?”
She gives you a quizzical look before giving the gemstone a tentative lick. Then, her eyes widen in surprise, and she quickly devours the rest of it. Within a minute, you are both finished with your snacks, and the dragon lets out a satisfied fiery burp.
Smoke: “Best bite I’ve had in forever! Alright, I never thought I’d want to be friends with a pony, but right now? You’ve got me curious, Blazer.”
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